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Ki te Aotūroa - Improving Inservice Teacher Educator Learning and Practice. Ministry of Education.

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Important communication

Please be advised that this website will be archived in March 2015. The content on this website is available in hard copy, and a CD-ROM.

From March this web address will redirect to the new location for the PDF, and the videos will remain available to you in a folder from this new location also.

If you have any queries please contact help@tki.org.nz. Thank you.

Ki te Aotūroa is a set of learning materials for inservice teacher educators (ISTEs) – those who work with classroom teachers and school leaders to support their professional learning and development, including advisers and facilitators from the seven major universities of New Zealand, resource teachers, facilitators from private provider organisations, and in-school leaders of professional learning. The materials were developed as part of INSTEP, a Ministry of Education, New Zealand-wide research and development initiative about the learning and practice of ISTEs.

The materials model the integration of theory and practice that is so critical for ISTE learning. Their development and evaluation has involved international educational researchers and the major inservice teacher education providers in New Zealand, as reflected in the Forewords and Acknowledgments. They are intended to help ISTEs address the critical question “How can we improve our practice in ways that will impact deeply on teachers’ practice and lead to improved student outcomes?” As such, they should serve as a springboard for further learning and are subject to change and improvement as the knowledge base about effective ISTE practice and learning continues to grow.

Ki te Aotūroa is also available in hard copy as a book and CD-ROM (item 33249) and as PDFs for downloading.

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