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Learning experiences

What learning experiences did Catherine engage in to address her inquiry question?

After her conversation with Jack, Catherine asked two of her colleagues to help her analyse the interaction. She hoped that this would help her to both understand how she could have achieved a more satisfactory dialogue with Jack and prepare for her next meeting with him.

Catherine reconstructed the dialogue from memory and annotated it.

With her colleague Allan playing Jack, she then role-played the conversation. Another colleague, Michael, observed the role play.

Clip 3: Original Conversation

Clip 3: Original Conversation - 1:53

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Pause here and use the transcript to briefly consider:

  • Can you identify any critical points or problematic moments where things “went wrong” in the conversation?

Michael, Catherine, and Allan discussed the role play and identified problematic moments in the conversation to analyse, asking “What is it, especially in Catherine's actions, that results in an unsatisfactory interaction for her?”

The three colleagues then planned and trialled alternative responses by Catherine at these moments. Three of these moments are presented below.


(Michael outlines the thinking behind the approaches and decisions he took while working with Catherine and Allan.)


Finally, Catherine and Allan replayed the complete conversation, taking account of their learning from their role plays and analysis.

Clip 14: Redesigned conversation

Clip 14: Redesigned conversation - 4:03

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Pause here and, using the transcripts, compare the original conversation (Clip 3) and this conversation:

  • Is this second conversation more effective?
  • Has Catherine solved the problems identified in the first conversation with Jack?
  • To what extent has she addressed her learning needs and explored her inquiry question?

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